Welcome to 5th grade!  It is going to be a great year.  Please try to get these supplies in for the first day or as soon as possible.  


    If you can get these for remote learning, great!  If not, they should have some way to organize their work.  Folders will be good for what they generate although Mr. Nitz and I realize that printing for some of ytou may be an issue so we won't be askiong you to print a whole lot.  To start, I wouold say that the folders are the least important. (aside from the tissues, obviously). :)


    5th Grade Supply List - Mr. Nurre and Mr. Nitz


    4 folders - Reading, Writing, Math, Take home

    Four 1-subject notebooks - Math, Word Study, Reading, Writing

    2 half-inch binders - Science and SS



    Glue Sticks

    Package of Dry Erase Markers (This will probably need to be replaced throughout the year.  In math, they are used a lot) - Math

    Colored Pencils or Crayons

    Pencils - Can only use pencils in Math

    Pens - Can only use pens in reading and writing (No red or erasable)

    Post-Its - Need a lot (used a lot in reading and writing)

    Highlighters (At least 2 different colors)

    Tissues (Optional but please!)

    Hand-held pencil sharpener

    Permanent Sharpie marker

    Soft Pencil case


    *If you can, match folders with notebooks as it’s easier to organize.