•  Here we go!  Starting remote.  Google Classroom and communication will be key.  I have already sent all of your child an email with how to join my classroom.  The link below will bring them to the Google Classroom page.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT THEY USE THEIR SCHOOL EMAIL ACCOUNT AS THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GET ACCESS TO EVERYTHING.   Sadly, if they are logged in under a non-wcsd account, access will be denied aften or it justg plain won't work.  


    School email:  firstname.lastname@k12.wcsdny.org

    Password: Firstnamelunchnumber (capitalize the first letter). ex - James123456


    Google Classroom:


    Google Classroom



     I love love love the Remind App.  I highly encourage you to join and use it as I have found it a much easier way to communicate.  If you type it into your phone, you should join.


    The link for the class is:



    Or send a text to:


    with the message: