• Daily/Weekly Homework
    Math ( about 5 minutes per evening)
    Daily fluency practice.  Please check your child's folder each day for daily fluency practice sheet completed in the classroom.  Practice these same types of fluency exercises at home.  If a fluency practice sheet does not come home on a particular day, please practice old sheets.  
     Students should spent 10 minutes each evening ( Monday- Thursday) sharing a book with an adult.  The book might be read by the child, to the child or both child and adult taking turns reading.  Please be sure to record the book on your child's reading log each evening.
    (5 minutes)
    Please remember:  The goal of the " Snap Words" is for your child to be able to SPELL, READ and understand the MEANING of each word. 
    Suggested home practice: 
    Monday:ABC Order:  Children should write their trick words in alphabetical order.  Please make sure your child uses correct letter formation.  Be sure to have your child practice reading and discuss the meaning of each word each evening. 
    Tuesday:  Rainbow Write- Write each of your trick words using at least 3 different colors.  Say the word and each letter's name as you write it.  Remember to use your best handwriting.
    Wednesday:  Sentences- Write at least one sentence using some of your trick words. Remember to begin your sentence with an uppercase letter, end it with correct punctuation, check spelling, and leave spaces between words.  
    Thursday:  Three Times Each- Write each of your trick words 3 times.