•  Reading
    Launching Reader's Workshop ( Habits of a Reader)
    Building Good Reading Habits
    Word Detectives Use All They Know to Solve Words
    Learning About the World: Reading Nonfiction
    Reader's Have Big Jobs to Do: Fluency, Phonics, and Comprehension
    Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons: A Study of Story Elements
    Launching Writer's Workshop ( Habits of a Writer)
    Narrative- Small Moments: Writing with Focus, Detail, and Dialogue
    Informational- Writing How-To Books
    Informational-Nonfiction Chapter Books 
    Opinion- Writing Reviews
    From Scenes to Series: Writing Fiction
    Talking and Thinking about Letters
    The Mystery of the Silent e
    Reading Across Words
    Word Builders: Using Vowel Teams to Build
    Marvelous Bloopers: Learing Through Wise Mistakes
     Counting and Representing Numbers
    Addition  and Composing to 10
    Subtraction and Decomposing to  10
    Place Value
    Adding and Subtracting Numbers to 20
    Addition with Regrouping
    Subtraction with Two Digit Numbers 
     Earth's Systems: Patterns and Cycles
    Waves: Light and Sound
    Structure, Function, and Information Processing  
    Social Studies  
    Rules and Laws/ Why Should I Be A Global Citizen?
    What do Family Stories Tell Us About the Past?/ President's Day
    Unity In Community
    Economics/ Flag Day