•  First Grade Supply List 

    large classic colors Crayola markers (OPTIONAL)

    1 2- Pocket Folder ("Take Home" Folder)

    1 box of 12 Crayola crayons

    1 scissor (Fiskar brand works best; 5 inch blunt)

    1 large pink eraser 

    2 solid WHITE glue sticks (Purple does not stick well)

    1 box- #2 yellow pencils – sharpened (Ticonderoga works best)

    1 Composition Notebook 100 sheets (Wide Rule) No spirals 

    2 black fine-tip (Expo works best) dry-erase markers – no/low odor

    1 clean sock for erasing or a dry-erase eraser 

    1 family sized box of tissues (OPTIONAL)

                                   I will provide each child with a box for his/her supplies.


    Please mark everything with your child’s name.