Week of November 27th:


    Monday, November 27th-  Day 4- Library-  Please return your library book today! 

    Tuesday, November 28th-  Day 5

    Wednesday, November 29th- Day 6- Computer

    Thursday, November 30th-   Day 1

    Friday, December 1st-  Day 2 - Computer


    Monday, December 4th-  Day 3 


    This is what is happening this week.

    Fundations 1st-  Students will identify and write words with bonus letters (f, l, and s).  The bonus letters are at the end of the word and are silent.

    Fundations 2nd-  Students will continue to tap out and spell words with a consonant blend.

    Readerś Workshop-  Students will demonstrate tapping out words with vowel teams.

    Writerś Workshop-  Students will continue to identify and demonstrate writing a How-To writing piece.

    Math 1st-  Students will demonstrate adding three numbers by making a ten or finding a double.  

    Math 2nd-  Students will demonstrate adding and subtracting within 100 to solve word problems. 

    Science-   Students will continue to construct an explanation based on evidence that materials should be selected depending on the purposes for which they are being used. 

    Social Studies-  Students will identify and demonstrate the voting process.