• Homework Policy

    • Daily homework is direct practice of strategies and skills taught in class.  It is expected that students will complete homework nightly.  While homework is not graded, it will affect student’s growth in each assessed standard.

    • Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday, and occasionally on Friday.  

    • Homework may include problems similar to what we did in class, or review problems.

    • If your child does not have mastery of their multiplication facts, please be sure they practice them at home a few times a week.

    • Students will always be told about a unit test and given a study guide or review activity to assist in studying.  Quizzes occur more frequently and will not always be announced in advance.


    Please check your child’s planner and homework daily.  




    Class Rules and Expectations



    • Voice Level 0-2

    • Use kind words

    • Follow all adult directions



    • Be prepared to learn

    • Try your best

    • Keep it clean



    • Walk

    • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself