We're happy to offer Intramurals for the 2023-2024 school year. Please read the information below to sign your child up for the correct day in regards to their grade! 
    *Some mornings we might go outside, so an extra pair of socks and shoes could be useful for the rest of the school day.*
    Welcome to the Gayhead Elementary School Intramural Page!

    Intramurals are a FREE and voluntary opportunity to play activities with your classmates before school.  The Gayhead PE teachers offer weekly Intramurals as a special privilege only for students in grades 4, 5, and 6.  Please read Section C below for complete info on registration, rules, and guidelines.

    A)*Activity Update (4/23/24)*:  Kid's Choice!

    B) Schedule:
    7:30 Monday mornings (4/29, 5/6, 5/13, 5/20 only) are for 3rd Graders!
    7:30 Tuesday mornings:  are for the 4th Grades only.
    7:30 Wednesday mornings:  are for the 5th Grades only. 
    7:30 Thursday mornings:  are for the 6th Grades only.  
    C: Gayhead INTRAMURALS Rules and Guidelines: 

    Intramurals are an opportunity to be physically active and have fun with your classmates before school. We offer a variety of activities and games, including many things we are not able to play in PE class. Intramurals are offered to all 4th, 5th, and 6th-grade students. Intramurals are voluntary, you are not required to make all the dates, we just hope you can. Intramurals are FREE, they do not cost anything!!! 

    1) REGISTER ONLINE:  Parents must register their child by filling out the google form for the correct grade that child is in!

    3rd Grade Intramural Link

    4th Grade Intramural Link

    This is a "ONE TIME" sign-up for the entire school year. Once you have signed up for Morning Intramurals, then you do NOT need to sign up again. You are not required to attend every session, we just hope you can.  By signing up for intramurals, the parent/guardian and the student agree to these rules and guidelines. If you are having difficulty with opening the forms, please try again from a laptop or desktop computer. For some reason, smartphones, ipads and tablets tend to have issues with the google form link. If you still can not access the online registration, please email Mr. Russo (anthony.russo@wcsdny.org), Mrs. Boccini (bridget.boccini@wcsdny.org), or Mr. Segarra (jason.segarra@wcsdny.org) for further assistance.

    2) TIMES/ DROP OFF Procedure:  

    MORNING Intramurals take place from parent drop-off at 7:30 am until the start of school. *Students must wait OUTSIDE the gymnasium lobby entrance promptly at 7:30 a.m. AND the driver may NOT leave a child until a P.E. teacher welcomes the students to enter the building.   

    3) SNEAKERS ONLY: cleats are not allowed.

    4) Health Office: The health office is not open during intramural hours, so indicate any medical concerns on our google form. 

    5) CANCELLATIONS: If the school is open for a full day OR a half day, then intramurals will be open that morning.  (For example, if it is very cold or raining outside, we will just stay inside).

    Unless, there is a School Delay or Closing of any kind (ie. due to snow or SCD) then Intramurals are automatically CANCELLED.  

       6) ***BEHAVIOR***:  Intramurals is an extension of the Physical Education Program and is a special privilege offered to our upper grades. Appropriate behavior and good sportsmanship are expected at all times. To keep our activities safe and fun for all, poor behavior will NOT be tolerated. Anyone who DOES NOT behave properly at intramurals OR in any other part of the school day (including the bus and school-related activities) will not be allowed to participate in our intramurals program.