• Gayhead  students at WCSD Speed Stack Tournament 2010
    Gayhead students did a great job representing us at the 3rd Annual WCSD Speed Stack Tournament!
    Congratulations to all 27 of our Grizzly participants!

    WCSD Sport Stack Tournament 2020 Gayhead Results

    Congratulations to Team Gayhead at the 3rd Annual Sport Stacking Tournament. 

    Top Ten Combined (boys and girls together): Kevin O’Sullivan was 3rd. 

    Top ten in the Boys division:   Kevin O’Sullivan was 3rd, Miles Schwarz was 9th and Alex Jarvis was 10th.

    Top ten in the Girls division:  Ava Davis was 5th, Alessandra DelGuidice was 6th, Paige Sullivan was 7th, and  Lea Quinones was 10th.

    Here are the full results of all our competitors: 

    First Grade:

    Isabella Whitney (1st place 3-3-3, 6th 3-6-3)

    John Bronzi-- ( 2nd place 3-3-3, 11th 3-6-3)

    Vihaan Gupta-- ( 3rd place 3-3-3 and the 3-6-3)

    Michael DeRosa-- (4th place 3-3-3 and 3-6-3)

    Christopher Zupan-- (11th 3-3-3, 9th 3-6-3)

    Isabel Bellusci-- ( 13th 3-3-3, 2nd 3-6-3) 

    Second Grade: 

    Kevin Qu -- (1st Place 3:3:3, 9th Place 3:6:3, and 1st Place in the Cycle)

    Aiden Cooke-- (8th Place 3:3:3 and 3-6-3, 3rd Place in the Cycle )

    Hudson Asp--  (9th 3:3:3, 1st Place 3:6:3, 6th Place in the Cycle)

    Charlie Powers-- (3rd Place 3:3:3, 6th Place 3:6:3, 5th Place the Cycle)

    Jacob Colon-- (11th Place 3:3:3, 4th Place 3:6:3)

    Third Grade:

    Miles Swarz-- (2nd in 3:3:3, 4th 3:6:3, 2nd in the Cycle, 9th Boy Overall)

    Connell Garland-- (3rd 3:3:3, 14th 3:6:3,)

    Alessandra DelGiudice-- (5th 3:3:3, 9th 3:6:3, 6th in the Cycle, 6th Girl Overall)

    Chase Thomas-- (10th 3:3:3, 10th 3:6:3, 5th in the Cycle)

    Kevin Sanchez-- (13th 3:3:3, 2nd 3:6:3, 8th in the Cycle)

    Bryce Thomas-- (22nd 3:3:3,12th 3:6:3, 7th in the Cycle)

    Madeline Levine-- (25th 3:3:3, 25th 3:6:3)

    Fourth Grade:

    Lea Quinones-- (5th 3:3:3, 9th 3:6:3, 7th in the Cycle, 10th Girl Overall)

    Lucas Mills-- (9th 3:3:3, 6th 3:6:3, 4th in the Cycle)

    Zachary Mills-- (11th 3:3:3, 12th 3:6:3, 6th in the Cycle)

    Marcus Rodriguez-- (13th 3:3:3, 4th 3:6:3, 3rd in the Cycle)

    Fifth Grade:

    Ava Davis-- ( 5th 3:3:3, 8th 3:6:3, 6th in the Cycle, 5th Girl Overall)

    Paige Sullivan-- (6th 3:3:3, 6th 3:6:3, 7th in the Cycle, 7th Girl Overall)

    Alex Jarvis-- (8th 3:3:3, 4th 3:6:3, 5th in the Cycle, 10th Boy Overall)

    Franklyn Powers-- (9th 3:3:3, 9th 3:6:3, 9th in the Cycle)

    Sixth Grade:

    Kevin Sullivan-- (2nd 3:3:3, 1st 3:6:3, 2nd in the Cycle, 3rd Overall Combined, ans 3rd Boy Overall)
    COOL VIDEOS to see Sport Stacking in Action: 

    "How to Stack" videos: To learn the 3 competitive stacks (the 3-3-3, the 3-6-3, and Cycle), and the official tournament rules for sport stacking.     https://www.speedstacks.com/learn/?lang=en


     Click below to see her team's record-breaking video from "Guinness World Records Unleashed" that aired on TruTV:    Kailey's Relay World Record

     Click on these other fun video clips of Kailey's amazing Speed Stacking talents! 
    "How To Sport Stack Intro": 
    Kailey performing speed stack " Dueling Banjo's": 
    Click below to see the Sport Stacking World Record holder for "the Cycle" by William Orrell:
    See how William got to his 4.81 world record: