**I send home a weekly planner informing you what special your child has.

    ** Your child must wear sneakers to participate in gym.



    You may send in a treat for the class for your child’s birthday.  I would appreciate it if you would also send in napkins with the treat.  Presently there are 23 children in the class. All treats should be store bought and not homemade.  Please no juice or goodie bags. ** We have food allergies in the class so notice is required**


    Home Folder:

    My link between home and school is your child’s HOME FOLDER.  Your child will bring it home each day for you to clean out and review.  Please review all notices and papers.  Only return the paper requested or notices needing to be completed and returned to school.  Your child must bring his/her HOME FOLDER to school each day.



    Please send a dated note explaining why your son/daughter was absent.  A reason must be given or they will receive a truant on their attendance record.  Family vacations should be planned around school closings.  Extended absences, other than illness, make it difficult for young children to maintain a consistent, productive routine for learning. Work cannot be sent ahead for vacations.



    Your child is to bring in a snack to school each day.  A nutritious snack is preferred. Please do not send in candy.  Water bottles with a sport top are preferred in class.  Juice boxes can be enjoyed at lunch time.


    Lunch Money:

    Please have your child bring his/her lunch money to school in a change purse or bag.  I do not want children to carry loose change around with them. Money that is not labeled gets lost and it is difficult to find the owner.


    Personal Belongings:

    Please make sure your child’s name is on all of his/her belongings.  Your child is not to bring any toys to school unless requested.  Also, kindly do not allow your child to wear jewelry to school as it is a distraction and often gets lost or broken.



    If your child wears snow or rain boots to school in inclement weather, please send in shoes for your child to change into.  Your child may not wear snow or rain boots all day while in school.



    We go out daily for about 30 minutes.  Please be sure your child is properly dressed for outdoor play.  In colder weather your child needs a coat, hat and gloves. 



    Your child is NOT to bring in medication (including cough drops) to school.  All medication must be brought to the school nurse by a parent or guardian.  Please call the school nurse, Mrs. Calvano, if you have any questions.


    To Reach Mrs. Kirsch:

    You may reach me by e-mail at corieann.kirsch@wcsdny.org which will usually give you the quickest response.  Please do not email an urgent matter as I may not receive it until the next morning.


    I look forward to a fabulous year working with you and your children.  I would like to thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation, help, and support.



    Mrs. Kirsch