• Health Office Staff:
    Nurses: Betty Segarra, R.N.
                 Alyssa Kotash, R.N.
    Health Aide: Marie Bellino
    Phone: 845-227-1756, ext. 14009 or 14010
    Health Office Fax: 845-554-1904
    Highlights of the Health Office:
    - Open daily Monday through Friday.
    - Staffed full-time by a Registered Professional Nurse and a Health-aide who are CPR/AED and First Aid certified.
    - Provide first aid only for injuries sustained at school.
    - Provide rest area for ill or injured students until they can return to class or are picked up by a parent or designated adult.
    - Provide health screenings yearly (hearing, vision, scoliosis), arranges for physical exams, if necessary, and advises parents of any abnormal findings which may need further medical evaluation.
    - Administer medication to students when necessary, only after the medication guidelines are followed as directed.
    - Maintain CONFIDENTIAL health records for each student.
    - Consult with parents regarding health and well-being on a routine basis.
Last Modified on September 5, 2023