•  Homework 
     *For the 2020-2021 school year, we will be starting with Distance Learning, then transitioning to a hybrid model of instruction. We will be
    using Google Classroom as our learning platform for Distance Learning. As such, all homework/classwork will be posted through
    Google Classroom.
    Questions to Help Readers 
    To help students use meaning say:
    -"Did that make sense?"
    -"Look at the picture and think what would make sense."
    -"Read it again and think what would make sense."
    -"You said_______. What would make sense?"
    To help students use structure say:
    -"Did that sound right?"
    -"Can we way it like that?"
    -"Read it again and think what would sound right."
    -"You said______. Does that sound right?"
    To help students use visual information say:
    -"Did that sound right?"
    -"What could you try?"
    -"Do you know a word that starts with those letters?"
    -"Do you know a word like that?"
    -"What do you think it could be?"