• Homework is a great way for students to reinforce the skills they learned in class. I also believe that homework is a wonderful way in which students learn responsibility and develop good study habits.

    The students will be responsible to read every night for at least thirty minutes. They will keep track of their reading on a reading log. Studies show that reading has major intellectual benefits. For example, it expands your vocabulary, improves communication skills, develops analytical skills, boosts memory, and enhances the ability to focus.

         I plan plenty of time for the work that your child has been assigned to be completed in class. That allows me to best track their progress. However, if they have not completed their work during class time, it will be sent home to be completed.

    Homework assignments for the day will be written in the student’s agendas.

         I expect my students to do their very best on any assignment that they are working on and this includes homework. I am asking that parents initial your child’s reading log every night and take the time to just look over the agenda and any completed written homework to insure it’s complete. Please help your child find a nice quiet spot and pick a time each night to be set aside for homework.