1.  One of our Daily 5 Literacy activities is "Listen to Reading".  Listen to Reading is valuable for developing fluency and vocabulary.  We'll enjoy books on tape, CD, and the internet.  If you have a Discman & /or headphones that your child can keep in their book bucket and use, that would be great!  Please teach him/her how to stop/start, insert/eject, and use volume.  PLEASE do NOT feel that you need to go out and purchase a Discman!  Your child will have group and computer opportunities for "Listen to Reading".  

    2.  Currently, we are sharing head phones.  It'd be great if each child had his/her own pair to keep in their book bucket.  The picture above will link you to the most inexpensive headphones I could find.   
    3.  If you have more than one Discman that you no longer need, please send it in!!  
    4.  We are in need of double A batteries for our Discmans.