Fishkill Elementary School


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Looking for a way to help our school from home??
1.  Don't forget to clip and SEND IN Box-Tops (located on
many cereal, cake, tissue boxes, etc.)!  Put them in a plastic  
baggie labeled with your child's and teacher's names and
send them in.  You can also check out the website by clicking 
on the box top to the right.  Please register!

                                      2.  SEND IN Campbell's Soup labels.  Make sure the UPC code is 
                                       on the label.  Check out the site to see all the items, including soup 
                                       cans, that benefit our school.


Your Garbage is Our Treasure! 

1.  Are you looking to get rid of used books?  Bring them to
The Bookworm, a used bookstore in Poughkeepsie, and trade
them in.  Nothing is better than new books for free!!  Not interested
in aquiring more books or too busy to get to a used book store? 
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, bring your old books to school for
me to trade at The Bookworm for the classroom library.
2.  Have any board games, small puzzles, or DVDs that your child
isn't interested in anymore?  Donate them to our indoor recess