History of Fishkill

  • The History of Fishkill Elementary School
    • In 1871, construction began for a schoolhouse on Church Street. The site used for the schoolhouse belonged to the Fishkill Reformed Church and was formerly used as pasture land for the pastor’s cow.
    • In September 1891, the school opened its doors. The entire building expense was twelve thousand dollars. Mr. Edward DuMond was the principal. 
    • In 1909, this structure was completely destroyed by fire. 
    Fishkill Elementary School 
     Before the Fire in 1909 Aftermath of the 1909 Fire
     Before the Fire of 1909  Aftermath of the 1909 Fire
    The present building was dedicated in 1910. At that time, each room held two classes (Even the principal, Mr. Almon Nye, taught two grades). A bell was placed in the new building in memory of village resident, Mr. Oliver Barnes. Mr. Barnes was the Chief Engineer of the Dutchess and Columbia Railroad. The tone of the bell which rang each morning summoning the children sounded much like the fire bell. Confusion resulted, so the bell ringing ceased. About 30 years ago, the sixth grade classes started the tradition of ringing the bell on the last day of the school year. The fifth grade classes continue that tradition as they bid farewell each June. Along with the original two story building now stands three additions and one modular classroom. The first addition was constructed in 1952, followed by additions in 1954 and 1962. The modular was placed there in 2008.
    Fishkill Elementary School Today