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    Ms. Carly Fletcher

    Email: carly.fletcher@wcsdny.org   

    Phone: 845-897-6780

    The Remote Learning Art Room:

    Hello Fishkill Frogs,

    I hope you and your family are doing well! As we begin our school year remotely, I want to always keep you up to date and informed of assignments, material and any other important information for art class. We will be working with google classroom this year again to provide parents and students with synchronous and asynchronous learning. PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILD'S EMAIL FOR A LINK TO EACH GOOGLE ART CLASSROOM. Or simply type in the codes here on the Google Classroom website for your class below. Your teachers have also been informed of these codes and are willing to share them with you as well. Your classroom teachers will inform you of when you will be meeting with me for art when it is your day. 



    Mrs. Turi: rlqnz3h                    Mrs. Berry: lr6qf7l

    Mrs. Zumbrook: choll4j           Mrs. McCann: eaqkm3j

    Ms. Chiapetta: yj6nill              Mrs. LaSusa: 6lu65hn

    Mr. Hernandez: h64ekxx         Mrs. Felker: ij5ik7z

    Mrs. Muller: e3mdnaz              Mrs. Golden: m6t4zzj

     Mrs. Seablom: gmeo3go         Mrs. Mahusky: bcdeiwm

    Mrs. Duncan: zo6hgc2             Mr. Gertler: 4kieshk

    Mrs. Bresnahan: ojnxyhf          Mr. Prongay: pgafczn

    Mrs. Corocoran: e3rs27c          Mrs. Kubicek: b7nngwc

                                                      Mrs. Holte: jfudfl5


    This year may be a little unusual, but as creative people, we will have a wonderful time! I can't wait to see all of you and your art soon!


    Mrs. Fletcher