• Arts and Science Programs


         The PTA's largest budget line is for programs, both arts and science related. Thank you to the Fishkill Elementary community for your continuous support of the PTA throughout the year. You have shown your dedication to our students by helping us meet our fundraising targets. Thanks to your support our students enjoy a broad (and fun) exposure to the Arts and Science!
    Programs vary year to year but here are some of our student and staff favorites:

    My Five Senses: Hudson River presented by Impact Education

    This objects based program comes into the classroom where students use each of their five senses to discover the special features of the Hudson River that make it an estuary.  Props are exciting and engaging!
    1st Grade  

    "House for Hermit Crab" presented by The Maritime Aquarium Norwalk 

    Hermit crab is outgrowing his shell and it’s time for a new home. Using Eric Carle's classic story as motivation, students consider the differences between living and non-living things – and how all animals require both to survive. Students meet and touch a variety of live crabs and mollusks, sorting and classifying them according to size, shape and other attributes that promote early science skills.

    2nd Grade 

    Static Electricity presented by Impact Education

    Students investigate static electricity by using a van de Graff generator. Learn about atoms and how electrons flow - creating a dynamic electrical display!

    Creatures Alive! Underwater Learning Adventure presented by the Mohonk Preserve

    Through a hands-on investigation with local aquatic life, students interact with, identify, classify, and observe how these creatures live and interact in their underwater environment. 

    3rd Grade 
    Water Cycle Game presented by Impact Education

    Students take an incredible journey as a tiny water droplet in this interactive water cycle game. Students make a beaded bracelet to track the telling of the story of their journey through the water cycle.  

    4th Grade
    Patriots and Loyalists presented by Boscobel House and Gardens

    Centered around an 80 square-foot map of the Hudson Valley, students engage in interdisciplinary, role-playing activities to recreate military battles and strategies of the Revolutionary War.

    5th Grade 
    Day in Clay presented by Cliff Mendelson

    Day in Clay transforms the art room into a true artist studio, giving students a real taste of the creative process, and illustrates how design, ‘form and function’ relate across disciplines.

    Students are engaged a hands – on program in Native American ceramics and discover how individual expression joins the continuum of art history.

    6th Grade 

    Hip-Hop Dance Residency presented by NY Dance Residency

    Freedom of movement, creativity, and focus of attention are the basics of this program. Students are allowed and encouraged to follow the choreography within their own comfort level and style while staying in sync with the music. They explore this art form through dance, coordination challenges, and fitness, while they learn the art and history of this American-born dance form “Hip –Hop”.