• Kindergarten Supply List    

     *Below is a list of supplies that your child will need to bring with them on the first orientation day, Wednesday, September 6th
    * 1 backpack- no wheels (big enough for a folder, library book, and lunch/snack)
    * 7 boxes of crayons- small size, 24 colors (Crayola brand preferred)
    * 24 plain yellow SHARPENED pencils (Ticonderoga brand preferred)
    * 7 LARGE glue sticks (Elmer's brand preferred)
    * 1 pocket folder (for bringing work and notes to and from school)
    * 1 pair of scissors (Fiskars brand preferred)
    * 1 package of colored pencils (Crayola brand preferred)
    * 6 dry erase markers (Expo brand preferred)
    * 3 containers of wipes (Clorox wipes preferred-these are for adult use only)
    * 2 boxes of tissues
    * Headphones- to use while working on computers (These will be returned at the end of the school year.)
    * 1 plastic pencil box (large enough to hold pencils, crayons, scissors and glue)
    * GIRLS:
    * 1 box of small zip lock bags (sliding zipper closure preferred)
    * 1 package 3x3 post-it notes
    * BOYS:
    * 1 box of large zip lock bags (sliding zipper closure preferred)
    * 1 box of washable markers (Crayola brand preferred)
         Please label ALL of your child's supplies.
                                  Thank you!