This page may help you with some questions that are commonly asked in Kindergarten.
    *When are specials?
    Our specials are as follows:
    Days 1 and 4- Music
    Days 2 and 5-  Art
    Days 3 and 6- P.E. 
    Day 5- Library
    Computer...Incorporated in Lessons  
    *When is lunch?

    Our lunch time is 10:45-11:30. Please send in all money in a labeled envelope or ziplock baggie. I will send all money/checks to the cafeteria first thing in the morning.  

    *Can I send cupcakes for my child's birthday?

    Yes, there are 24 students in our class. Please just send a note or email me in advance to let me know. They can be dropped off in the office before 10:00AM. The class will celebrate at lunch. Please make sure treats are labeled with teacher name and your child's name. 

    *When is recess? We have recess everyday.

    Unless it is snowing, raining or very cold, we plan to go outside for recess. Please make sure that your child is appropriately dressed for weather each day. If boots are worn, please make sure your child has sneakers/shoes to change into during the day.

    *Will there be homework? There will be monthly homework assigned, and it will have a due date on it. In addition, please make sure you are reading with your child every night.

    *How can I help with reading?

    You should read with your child every night for at least 15 minutes. This helps to reinforce their sight word vocabulary. You may put words on flashcards or make a game to help memorize sight words. As they begin to learn to read and become more comfortable, have your child practice their reading strategies taught in school, at home with you.

    *What if my child is absent? If your child is going to be absent, please call the health office. Any work that will be missed can be sent home with a classmate, friend, sibling or I can drop it in the office if you would like to pick it up. If not, then your child can make up their work when they return back to school. Upon your child's return, please make sure you send in a note regarding your child's absence.

    *Can I volunteer in the classroom?

    I usually call on parents to help with trips, parties and other projects. You may let me know what days and times you are available to help out. I will select parents as needed in the classroom. Due to Covid restrictions, there will be no volunteers in the building at this time.

    *Can I volunteer for field trips?

    Yes, parents be asked in advance before a trip occurs. I will send home the permission slips and you can select whether or not you can chaperone for that day. I will choose a few parents by picking out of a hat. If someone who has already helped out, I will select someone who has not had a chance. I will inform you when we will be having a field trip. 

    *How may I contact the teacher?

    You may contact me at school (897-6800), send a note in with your child, or I can also be reached by e-mail (mark.delorenzo@wcsdny.org) for any questions or concerns you may have.

    *Can my child have a water bottle in class?

    Yes, they can have a water bottle during the school day. I will have them keep them in their cubbies. I do not allow the children to refill their water bottles. Please make sure when sending them in, they are sent in a zip lock bag or wrap in a sock. This helps to avoid having leaks and spills.

    *When is snack?

    I have snack everyday in the afternoon. Your child may choose to bring a snack if they wish, but I will not be providing one for the students. Please make sure that your child brings something quick and easy for clean up. (i.e. goldfish crackers, pretzels, granola bar, apple...etc.). I would appreciate snacks with no liquids or juice in it...such as fruit cups. It can get very messy with spills and bring little critters to Room 5. Please try to label snack for afternoon so your child knows its for snack and not lunch. Thank you!

    *Can I send birthday invitations for my child?

    I don't have a problem giving out birthday invitations, just as long as they are being sent to every child in the class. We currently have 24 students in the class. I cannot give invitations out for only a few students. Please try to send for all students to avoid any hurt feelings. 

    *What if my child is getting picked up or riding a different bus?

    ~Pick Ups: If you know that your child is getting picked up, it would be helpful to send a note or notify the main office. *Picking up prior to dismissal- You need to go directly to the main office. They will notify me to send your child down to you. *Picking up at regular dismissal- go directly to the cafeteria and wait for your child when they call for "pick up students". You also need to sign them out prior to leaving (IMPORTANT: Please don't forget!).

    ~Different Bus: If your needs a bus pass for a different stop, then please send a note with your child. The main office needs it so they can issue your child a bus pass. Thank You!