•                       Reading Strategies
    * How to help your child become a fluent reader~ 
    ~ Read to your child...read with your child. (Read, Read, Read...)
    ~ Make reading fun. Enjoy reading.
    ~ Model reading. Read with enthusiasm and expression. Change your voice 
       when reading for different characters.
    ~ Make reading a regular and fun part of your life.
    ~ Fill your child's life with books. Children who love books will want to read.
    ~ Listen to your child read often, share the text with them. Alternate 
       reading turns.
    ~ When your child comes to an unknown word, give them time to think to look 
       at the word and attempt it on their own. If they need help, suggest some 
    strategies they can use to figure out the word. Work with them to figure 
       out the word together.
    *Reading Strategies to Use With Your Child~
    ~ Look for word chunks
    ~ Say the beginning sound
    ~ Stretch the word out
    ~ Check for meaning: Does that make sense?
    ~ Skip the word and read to the end of the sentence...then reread
    ~ Do the sounds fit the letters?
    ~ Use picture clues
    *Comprehension Strategies~
    ~ Activate Schema: think about the things you know and have experienced 
       that relate to what you are reading.
    ~ Predict: thinking about what you think might happen.
    ~ Picture Walks: flip through the pages and look at the pictures.
    ~ Use picture clues to confirm information.
    ~ Question: What did you learn? What do you wonder about?
    ~ Make Connections: this reminds me of...
    ~ Infer: thinking that helps you understand the story; based on the clues 
       that the author gives. 
    ~ Draw Conclusions: using information to get meaning; based on the clues the author gives.
    *Here are a list of sight words your child will be learning this year~       
    ~ Sight Words are words that a reader should know immediately without sounding them out.     
    I   a   is   my   see   the   and   can   to   like   am   in   you   no   so   go   we   do   are   his   here has   as   was   come   he   she   we  be  me  said  they  or  for  of  have  from  that  by  look  went  want    
    Color Words:  red   green   yellow   orange   blue   purple   pink   black   brown   white   gray  
    ~ Number Words:  zero   one   two   three   four   five   six   seven   eight   nine   ten