• Signing Into Google Classroom


    Step 1: Open your internet browser and go to www.Google.com

    Step 2: In the upper right corner click the blue box that says SIGN IN

    Step 3: Enter username and password.

    * Your child's WCSD assigned username:         firstname.lastname@k12.wcsdny.org 

    (ex: mark.delorenzo@k12.wcsdny.org)  

    Your child's WCSD assigned password: Child's first name followed by their student ID # - first letter is capital, no spaces (ex: Mark1012345). Your child's ID# is the same as their lunch #.

    Contact me if you don't know and I will get it for you.

    PLEASE NOTE: This username/password is what your child will use as long as they are part of the WCSD

    Step 4: Click NEXT (In the upper right corner, you should see your child's first initial in a colorful circle showing you that they are signed in.)

    Step 5: Click on the small grid just to the left of the colorful circle. Scroll down and click on CLASSROOM (a little icon of a green chalkboard)

    Step 6: You will see our class (Mr. DeLorenzo's Class 2023-2024). Please click on this class. You have now successfully signed in.




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