Behavior Policy

            My classroom behavior policy is based on positive reinforcement.  When the class is “caught doing something good” or the class receives compliments from myself or other staff members, then we add marbles to our jar.  When the class fills the marble jar, then they receive a reward. (ex: 10 extra minutes for recess, popcorn and a movie etc…) Students can receive a PBIS ticket for being safe, respectful and responsible too. We get a bluebird for the poster in the main lobby for every 100 tickets our class earns.  

            I also have a clip chart for individual behavior. We created a classroom list of rules.  If a child chooses to break a rule, these are the consequences:

            First time: “Think About It” - warning (light blue)

            Second time: “Teacher’s Choice” – ex; time out (blue)

    Third time: “Parent Contact” – note home or phone call (purple)                                                            

    If a child improves their behavior during the day they can move back up the chart. All clips are placed back on the green spot (“Ready to Learn”) to start a new day.  If a clip stays on green or higher, then they receive a stamp for their chart at the end of the day.   When their chart is filled, they pick from the treasure box.