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    Name: Ms.  Gorges
    Grade: 1
    Email: Amanda.gorges@wcsdny.org
    Welcome Message: Welcome to First Grade! 


    Hello Room 6 families!


    Thank you for your patience! We have updates for you as it gets closer to Friday (our first day of remote teaching/learning!):


    1. If you have not already picked up the work packets that were made when this break first started, you still can! I highly recommend this, as it comes with books, a journal to write in, log-in information, review worksheets and more. You can pick up your child’s packet during breakfast distribution hours at Sheafe (10:00-12:00 Monday through Thursday, starting tomorrow.)


    2. Please sign into google classroom if you have not already. You need to sign in by TOMORROW.  Remote learning begins Friday. 


    Every school day, I will be providing your child with about four lessons on Google Classroom. For the most part, lessons will be in reading, writing, phonics, and math. I will rotate science and social studies in on certain days. Sometimes I will do a read aloud and practice snap words also.  The structure of these lessons will look pretty much the same: I will teach a mini lesson and your child will practice what was taught. For example, if I was to teach a reading lesson, first, your child would watch a video of me teaching and demonstrating. Then, he/she would read on his/her own using the books you might have at home, books on Raz-Kids or books on Epic (info on Raz Kids and Epic to follow) to practice. Each lesson will be approximately 20 minutes, including the mini-lesson and independent practice, which means your child should be watching and working for at least 80 minutes per day. 




    1. Click the ‘Classwork’ tab 

    2. Look for that day’s date

    3. There will be some type of check-in question for your child to answer , which will be used as a means of taking attendance

    4. Click on each assignment underneath the date and complete each task


    Your child will be able to complete the lessons at any point during the day. They are not live videos, so they will always be up there for whenever you and your child are ready. 


    On Friday, your assignments will be to practice logging in to Raz Kids, Epic, and iReady.  Directions will be posted on Google Classroom under the classwork tab under April 3.


    We can only imagine how stressful this must be for you; you're helping your child/children with school work, learning new technology, dealing with a pandemic, working, along with all of the other responsibilities you have on a daily basis. We are also nervous as we begin this new journey, but we are going to do our best to make this experience manageable for you and the kids. We will get the hang of it. Just know that we am here to support you. We are in this together!  Please tell the kids we are thinking about them and we miss them.  



     Ms. Gorges/Mrs. Burday




    ***Click on the link below.  Click the plus in the right hand corner and join class.  Then enter the class code below. ***


    ** Please note:  You will need to log into google with your child's wcsd username and password in order to access the google classroom. Your child's username is firstname.lastname@K12.wcsdny.org  Password: firstname(with upper case first letter) followed by your student's id number.  This id number is the same one they use to purchase lunch.  If you need your child's number please email me and I will send it to you**  

    Google Classroom  or classroom.google.com 
    Class Code:  v2gob4j
    Homework will be fluency bags.  Each bag will have different activities for students to complete each week.  They are always due back on Monday and will go home on Tuesday.  I hope you enjoy the fun activities designed to build fluency.  Read every night!!  
    Specials: Please remember sneakers for PE!
    Day 1- Art                                                                       Day 4- Art
    Day 2- Music                                                                        Day 5- Music
    Day 3- PE/Library                                                                Day 6- PE