• First Grade Curriculum

  • Reading Units of Study

    Unit 1 Building Good Reading Habits

    Unit 2 Word Detectives

    Unit 3 Learning About the World: Reading Nonfiction

    Unit 4 Readers Have Big Jobs To Do

    Unit 5 Meeting Characters and Learning Lessons

  • Writing

    Writing Units of Study

    Unit 1 Small Moments: Writing with Focus, Detail, and Dialogue

    Unit 2 Nonfiction Chapter Books

    Unit 3 Writing Reviews

    Unit 4 From Scenes to Series: Writing Fiction

  • Phonics

    Phonics Units of Study

    Unit 1 Talking and Thinking About Letters

    Unit 2 The Mystery of the Silent e

    Unit 3 From Tip to Tail: Reading Across Words

    Unit 4 Word Builders: Using Vowel Teams to Build Big Words

    Unit 5 Marvelous Bloopers: Learning Through Wise Mistakes

  • Math



    -Counting and Representing Numbers


    -Addition and Composing to 10

    -Subtraction and Decomposing to 10


    -Place Value

    -Adding and Subtracting Numbers to 20


    -Addition with Regrouping



    -Subtraction with Two Digit Numbers

  • Science


    Unit 1 Earth's Systems: Patterns and Cycles


    Unit 2 Waves: Light and Sound


    Unit 3 Structure, Function, and Information Processing

  • Social Studies


    -Rules and Laws / Why Should I Be A Global Citizen?

    -What do Family Stories Tell Us About the Past? / President's Day

    -Unity in Community

    -Economics / Flag Day