Evans Elementary Physical Education Program

     Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Hello! My name is Mr. Wurster and I am your child’s Physical Education Teacher. I am excited for another fun and active year with my students. I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the policies of my program. This information has already been presented to the students during their first few PE classes.

    The rules and expectation of my classroom are clearly posted in the gymnasium on the bulletin board and the students are reminded of them on a continual basis. All classes meet for 40 minutes two times during a six-day cycle.

    Rules and Expectations to ensure a safe and fun school year

    • Traditional sneaker and socks are required on PE days
    • PLEASE practice tying shoe laces with the younger children
    • Children who do not have sneakers will not be allowed to participate
    • Jewelry may not be worn, with the following expectations:
      • Religious medals (if secured in shirt or with paper tape) and stud earning
    • Wear appropriate clothing for activity (loose fitting and comfortable jeans, sweats, and shorts). Skirts and dressed must be worn with shorts underneath.
    • Students with medium or long length hair are required to have their hair tied back from their face during PE class. (Pony tails, braids, buns or other up-dos are perfect)
    • Respect towards me, their peers and with use of all the equipment must be demonstrated at all times.
    • A doctor’s note (given to the school nurse) is required for all injuries or illnesses that warrant limited activity or full restriction from activity in Physical Education. Notes from home requesting that a student be excused from physical education will be addressed on an individual basis.
    • If a child is not able to participate in the Physical Education class/activity, the same restrictions or limitations apply for recess.
    • Fire drills, Abduction Prevention Skills, and other safety skills are reviewed and practiced.
    • Students are evaluated on the quality of participation (effort and attitude), the development and improvement of skills, knowledge of material taught as well as interpersonal skills.
    • Problems with students will be addressed in a timely fashion and when necessary, notification of such will be communicated within all persons needing involvement.

    Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to a great year filled with healthy bodies and minds. You can reach me at Evans at 298-5240.

    Thank you for your support of the program.


    Mr. Wurster


    Guidelines for Elementary Physical Education

    (WCSD District Standards and Program Outcomes)

    • Be able to apply physical education to life (understand and appreciate basic physical fitness, participate safely and cooperatively in social activities, and be aware of community recreational facilities)
    • To demonstrate knowledge and skills which better enable participation in:
      • Group and individual activities
      • Individual and team sports 
      • Recreation and leisure time activities
    • To have necessary knowledge and skills to improve and maintain physical fitness, participate in physical activity and maintain personal health (increase muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, agility, and body awareness)
    • To develop a respect and self-awareness for individual similarities and differences
    • To demonstrate knowledge and skills associated with abduction prevention
    • To increase skill level of decision-making as an individual and group member
    • To demonstrate an understanding of the values of competition and how they relate to life