• The Six Pillars of Character Education 
    Evans continues to emphasize the Six pillars of Character Education: TRUSTWORTHINESS, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY, FAIRNESS, CARING, CITIZENSHIP.  Below is a brief description of each pillar. 

    Every Monday morning students who were exemplary in modeling the pillar of the month for the week are announced and given a certificate signed by the Principal, Eagle Buck, and Eagle to color and hang on our Excellent Eagles Tree!  

    Also, on a daily basis, students can report the names of students who are representing the characteristics of the pillar of the month.  A slip of paper is filled out by a student to identify another student that was "caught" along with the action that they displayed that represented the pillar of the month.  The Principal then reads these slips on the announcements daily.  

    Lastly, at the end of each month, a drawing is held live on the announcements by the Principal where student names are selected at random from the class winners and the student names on these slips.  These students receive a SPIRIT STICK and a key ring to collect them on as a reward!
             Integrity and Reliable
             Think "True Blue"

             Treat others with respect
             Follow the "Golden Rule"
             Be tolerant and accepting of differences
             Use good manners
             Take responsibility for actions
             Plan ahead
             Persevere: keep trying
             Think before you act
             Share and be fair
             Play by the rules
             Be open-minded   
             Listen to others   
             Don't take advantage of others
             Think heart
             Kindness and compassion
             Express gratitude
             Forgive others
             Help people in need
             Help make the school and community better
             Get involved in community affairs
             Be a good neighbor
             Obey laws and rules

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