• You are an important part of your child's speech and language program

    because for any improvement to take place, your child will need to practice

    exercises at home daily.                


    Your child will receive a speech folder with speech homework periodically

    from his or her therapist. The homework will contain your child's speech

    sound that is currently being worked on here at school. Information will be

    provided on the homework sheet of the proper placement of the tongue, lips,

    and jaw to produce that sound effectively. It will also contain exercises

    designed to help strengthen the muscles used to produce that sound.

    Many of the exercises are easy and fun for your child to do. With most

    exercises, it will help if you show your child how to do it and practice

    along with him or her.

    If you have any questions with the homework, please call his or her

    therapist at school. Thank you for your help and participation! Have fun!!