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    What is RTI (Response to Intervention) Services?

    Speech Therapy services are available under three different Tiers with RTI. Speech Therapy consultation with the classroom teacher and/or pull-out speech therapy with the speech therapist based on the child's identified area(s) of need. The Tier level and frequency of support is to be determined by the school RTI team. Children need to qualify for this service by being screened and/or evaluated by the school speech therapist, determined to have a speech (articulation) or language delay AND the delay must adversely effect educational performance.


    Will my child receive summer speech therapy services?

    To receive summer speech therapy services a child needs to be classified with having a disability under special education and must demonstrate substantial regression of skills over extended breaks (holidays recess, long weekends)during the current school year. The committee of special education determines eligibility of this service based on the speech therapist's recommendations and team input. Your input is also welcome.


    Does my child have an articulation delay?

    Young children develop speech sounds at different ages. There are speech sound norms based on at what age children (on the whole) should acquire a specific sound. Speech sound acquisition varies among boys and girls. It is common for kindergartners to mispronounce /r/, /l/, /s/, and /th/. Reading to your child and emphasizing these sounds when reading outloud will help with the natural development of these sounds in your child's speech. If you are in doubt, you can contact your school's speech therapist with any questions.


    Who makes a referral for a speech-language evaluation?

    Teachers, parents, and/or any school personnel who work with the child may make a referral to the building level Response To Intervention (RTI) team with his/her concerns.

    What is the Response to Intervention (RTI) Team?


    A building level team consisting of the principal, classroom teacher, teacher representatives, school psychologist, speech-language pathologist, occupational therapist, and school nurse as needed. The team convenes by written referral by a team member to discuss strengths/weaknesses of the child, learning strategies and/or interventions necessary for academic success. Referrals for a psycho-educational evaluation and/or a speech-language screening/evaluation are made as needed.


    What is the Committee of Special Education (CSE)?

    A special education committee that consists of the special education coordinator, school psychologist, special education teacher, general education teacher, related service providers (speech, OT, PT, social work), parent member, and parents. This committee meets when a child has been evaluated or re-evaluated for special education or related services.