• June Themes

    Kindergarten: “We’ll Be Going on Vacation,” Steady Beat, Tubby the Tuba, Graduation Songs

    First Grade: “Grand Old Flag,” Bubbles, “Flight of the Bumblebee,” The Remarkable Farkle McBride

    Second Grade: John Williams, Buglers’ Dream Sequence, Annie

    Third Grade: ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” Music Note Baseball

    Fourth Grade: All Notes on Recorder, Recorder Karate Testing, White-Black Belt

    Fifth Grade: Scott Joplin Opera: Treemonisha, American Cultural Dance

    Sixth Grade: The Music Man, Act 2 Songs, American Cultural Dance


    All students will be graded in three areas as outlined on their report cards:
    Sings and plays instruments
    Responds to music
    Reads & writes music (Grade 2-6 Only)
    Grading in music is based on the 4 point scale used in other core areas:
    4- Exceeding Expectations 
    3- Meeting Expectations
    2- Working toward Expectations
    1- Not Meeting Expectations