• 1) Sorting Laundry-by type, color, style


    2)Emptying Dishwasher-putting away items such as silverware, plates, etc... in the right locations


    3)Organizing deck of cards-by number, color, suits


    4)Organizing books on a shelf-by type, thickness, size, etc...


    5)Collections-such as cars, trains, dolls, etc...put together in containers or drawers


    6)Refrigerator-help put away groceries in certain areas in the refrigerator


    7)Cubes or blocks-group by color, size, shape


    8)Puzzles-organize pieces by straight, corner, or curvey


    9)Make a List-of books you have read, peolple you know, vacations, etc...


    10)Sort-items in desk drawer by type of item, shape, color, etc..