• Home Ideas for Building Hand Skills


    Using touch to increase finger awareness:

    • Help with washing dishes
    • Help with gardening, planting
    • Practice writing or play writing games using shaving cream, sand, or rice using fingers
    • Practice identifying objects in a small bag or a pocket without looking

    Increasing dexterity in one hand

    • Roll a small ball of clay or playdough using thumb alternating fingers
    • Loop a rubber band around a pencil multiple times using just one hand
    • Using a flashlight make "finger shadows" on the wall
    • Hold pennies in hand and use fingers and thumb to drop them into piggy bank or slotted container one at a time
    • Lego building activities

    Strengthening to build skills and control within hands

    • Use a trigger sparyer to mist plants or clean windows
    • Find beads in putty or playdough and put them back in using fingers
    • Wring rags to wipe table, wash car, etc...
    • Use clothes pins to group objects such as mail, socks, etc...
    • Mix food such as meatloaf or cookie dough using hands
    • Scissor cutting activities
    • Lego building activities