• Homework- updated week of 1/14/19

    Please challenge your children to practice their fluency in math and in reading (sight words) by playing games, using flashcards, or by quizzing them each night. These skills are integral to their success in higher level skills! 
    Students MUST read for no less than 45 minutes EVERY night at home. Please sign and return their reading log in the reading folder DAILY. 
    Studies have not definitively proven that homework is an effective way for students to improve their learning.  
    Other than the individual assignments that were not completed throughout the school day, the only homework we will be asking your child to complete is their daily reading assignment of at least 45 minutes. Please send their reading logs into school daily, signed by you! 


    Grading Procedures 

     Students are assessed based on their classroom performance, performance on tests and quizzes, and district assessments. Students’ grades on the report card will no longer be based on an average of grades.  Their progress will be tracked and the grades on the report card will reflect their ability at the end of the marking period. In addition to the report card, parents are given quarterly progress notes that indicate how their child is progressing toward meeting IEP goals.

    Please follow this link to learn more about the district-wide report cards and grading.