• Welcome to the 2023-2024 school year!                                                           Welcome

    Dear Students and Families, 

     We realize this may be a difficult time with all the changes but we want you to know we are here to help.  Together, working collaboratively we will make it easier and more productive.  Always here to help. 


    • If you have trouble, reach out for help.  I will contact you via phone and email to ensure that I not only keep in great contact with you but also get you the immediate help you need!  I'm always here for you!!!!   

    Enjoy life, your family, and your community,

    Period 1 Resource Room first/second grade

    Period 2 Resource Room fourth/fifth grade

    Period 3 Resource Room Grade Mixed 

    Period 4 Resource Room  Grade 3

    Period 5 Resource Room Grade Mixed

    Period 6 Resource Room Grade 5

    Period 7 Resource Room Grade 3