• Frequently Asked Questions
    Does my child need a smock for Art class?
           YES! Please bring your child to school with an over-sized
           t-shirt. Please don't go out to buy one. Please have your child's
           name written on it.    
    When does my child have Art class?
           Your child has Art class two days in a six day cycle. The      
           art classes are 40 minutes. Check "schedules" on my website     
           for the days your child will have Art.
    What is Festival of the Arts?
           The Festival of the Arts is a visual art and music festival that  
           is held every May by the WCSD. Art work from every student
           will be on display at Mesier Park in Wappingers Falls.
    When does my child get their artwork back that they make?
           At the end of each quarter I will send their work home with  
           them (4 times a year). I will save one piece of artwork they have
           made for Festival of the Arts. They will get that piece back the
           last quarter.
    Where can my child go for individual art instruction?
           There are 3 places that I know of...
           The Barrett Art House - www.barrettartcenter.org
           Mill Street Loft - www.milstreetloft.org
           The Mid-Hudson Children's Museum - www.mhcm.org