Welcome to Fourth Grade!

    We are looking forward to a fantastic year filled with learning and fun.

    Can’t wait to meet you all in September! ☺

            Yours truly,


    Mrs. Colucci (Room 25)

    Mr. Keenan (Room 26)

    Please label all supplies with your child’s name ☺

    • 6    marble composition books

    • 6    double pocket, heavy duty plastic folder  (with prongs)

    (Please get these colors and label at home-

    Red- Reading, Yellow- Writing, Blue- Math, Green- Science,

    White- SS, Purple- Planner)

    • 20 plastic sheet protectors (Walmart or Dollar Tree has them- Please place 10 sheets in the prongs of the red Reading folder, and 10 sheets in the prongs of the yellow Writing folder).

    • two-pocket folder (for music class)

    • Pair of Scissors

    • 40 erasable pens (blue or black). Please bring 10 to school and leave the rest at home so you can replenish throughout the year.

    • 2    FAT Highlighters

    • 2    Packages of CRAYOLA crayons (24)- leave one home for now!

    • 1    Package of CRAYOLA markers

    • 2    Packages of post-it-notes (3 X 3)

    • 6    Glue sticks (bring 2, leave 4 at home)

    • 1    Dry erase marker (any color)

    • 1 pack of index cards

    • 1 Boxes of tissues

    • 1 Container of Clorox (any brand) wipes

    • 1 pouch or box big enough for your supplies

    • Please study your multiplication facts over the summer!  The dollar stores have great flashcards, or you can make your own!

    • Please bring a healthy snack (no candy!) and a reusable water bottle each day.

    • Bring a chapter book that is “just right for you” on the first day of school, please. We will do independent reading each day.