• Welcome to the James S Evans Elementary School Instrumental Music Program. You are an important part of a fine performing ensemble, and a highly regarded school music program. Below are the course expectations and grading policies. Adhering to these requirements will not only ensure a satisfactory grade for you in band, but more importantly, will guarantee your musical growth and the success of the ensemble.


    1)      Participation

    –Be prepared every rehearsal. Have your instrument in playing condition. Please bring all the things you will need for a productive rehearsal; for example music, pencil accessories, mutes, reeds, slide oil, valve oil, etc. Learn your part at home-group rehearsals are for ensemble, not individual work!

    ‑Be on time. You are expected to be in class. Also, please be on time for concerts.

    ‑Be professional. I am training and teaching you to act in a professional manner. This is just as much a part of the curriculum as any other section.


    2)      Concert Attendance

    Playing a concert is one of our goals. We cannot perform our best with members missing.


    3)      Individual Accountability

    Always do your best both in and out of rehearsal. Practicing is the biggest commitment you have to this group. Dedication to your instrument is sure to result in success individually and as a group. Lessons are also an integral part of the program. You will receive individual attention and instruction on band music and lesson assignments. 

    Course Description

    ‑Developing the skills, habits, and techniques necessary for fine band performance

    ‑Performing a variety of music

    ‑Developing knowledge and an appreciation for various styles of music


    Wappingers Central School District Elementary School Instrumental Performance Outcomes

                 Students will be able to:

    1) Demonstrate proper musical technique

    2) Demonstrate basic knowledge of musical symbols

    3) Perform literature from various periods and cultures

    4) Demonstrate an understanding of musicality

    5) Use proper rehearsal techniques

    6) Demonstrate proper performance and audience etiquette


    Instrumental Lesson Policies and Grading Procedure


    You are responsible for all scheduled instrumental lessons. You should inform your classroom teacher a day in advance of your lesson. On the day of the lesson, remind your teacher you have lessons and then come directly to your lesson.


    Grading Procedure:


    A signed practice sheet should be turned in at every lesson.  Students may earn a total of 10 points at every lesson.

         Coming to lesson without a phone call: 1

         Practice Sheet filled out: 2

         Instrument: 4

         Music and book: 1

         Pencil: 1

         Present: 1


    Band Class:

    Students may earn a total of 8 points at every band rehearsal.

         Coming to lesson without a phone call: 1

         Instrument: 4

         Music and book: 1

         Pencil: 1

         Present: 1



    Concerts are a required part of this class as described in the WCSD Course Handbook. Attendance at concerts will account for 20% of your quarter grade. This is based on promptness, focus, and proper concert bearing.


    Concert Attire:

    Gentlemen:  Should wear a dress shirt, tie, dress pants, colored socks, and shoes

    Ladies: Ankle length dress or skirt, or pants.

    Any color is acceptable 

     The group makes a visual presentation from a distance when on stage. So, please do not feel the need to spend a lot on designer clothing. Borrowed or modest clothing will look fine from the audience if the above guidelines are adhered to.


    Computation of the quarter average is:

                                                                Lessons: 50%

                                                                Class:     30%

                                                                Concerts: 20%


                By phone: 298-5100 ext.31043           By email: james.trainor@wcsdny.org