Try out these fun reading links
    firstgradeweb.com Has games for each chapter of our math program.
    mapsnap.com Games that will teach math fluency, logic, memory...


    It offers a collection of online Student Materials to support 
    literacy learning in the K-12 classroom.  These interactive tools 
    can be used to supplement a variety of lessons and provide an 
    opportunity for students to use technology while developing their 
    literacy skills.  Click on the name of each interactive for a 
    brief description of the tool and a list of the ReadWriteThink 
    lessons that use the tool.


    Reading Sites for Primary


    Room 108 is owned and operated by grade one teacher John Rickey.  
    It has over 400 pages of educational activities for primary 
    children.  There are no passwords or entry fees but the site is 
    free to access and use over the Internet.  All activities have an 
    educational focus for the primary student and try to make earning 
    both engaging and fun on the computer over the Internet.
    Room 108

    Other Resources

    Here are some other resources that you can't find on the internet:     School 
    Library     Local Public Library