Sight Word Games
    1.  Concentration
    Place pairs of words face down on the table.  The object of the game is to
    remember where the like cards are and to pick up matching pairs.   Each
    player turns over two cards in each turn and reads the words aloud.  If they
    match, he may keep them.  The player with the most pairs wins.

    2.  Bingo
    Make 25 squares on a sheet of paper.  At the bottom of each square place a
    sight vocabulary word.  Give the child a number of blank marks.  As you call
    out a word, the child places a marker on the proper square.  When he/she
    completes a diagonal, horizontal or vertical row he/she calls out bingo.  In
    order to win one must read the words in the row, which gave the Bingo.

    3.  Bean Bag Throw
    Mark off different shaped boxes on the floor.  Put words or phrases in each
    box.  Assign points for each box.  Thrower gets four beanbags.  He/she throws
    and gets points for each word or phrase pronounced correctly.  Extra points
    are given if he/she can make a sentence out of the words.

    4.  Pick a Card (and variations)
    Print sight vocabulary words or phrases on small cards.  Write a numerical
    value from one to three in a corner on each card, and place the cards face
    down on the table.  Players (two or more) take turns choosing a card and
    reading it.  If the player can read the card correctly, he/she keeps it.  If
    not, it is replaced face down on the table and the next player takes his/her
    turn.  The winner is the player who has the highest score when all the cards
    have been picked.

    5.  Rummy
    Place sight words on small cards of uniform size.  Include enough words
    beginning with the same consonants and blends so that hands of three can be
    accumulated.  Students must be able to pronounce all words in order to lay
    down a book.  Otherwise, it is similar to conventional rummy.