• Fifth Grade Kinry Rd Orchestra Announcements

      Please check google classroom for weekly assignments and extra materials.


      Spring Concert: 

      May 18, 2022 @ RCK High School


      Email: jovialis.gricius@wcsdny.org



    3rd Quarter Assignments


    1. Consistent Practice Schedule should be in place.
      20 minute practice sessions, 5 days a week
      (more practice = more progress)

    2. Continue to Check Posture. Posture is the most important aspect of creating a good sound.

    3. Practice the following songs:
      • Ode to Joy #86 (pg 23) - 
          • Violins & violas need 4th finger to reach the 'A' tape
          • Make sure wrist is straight and violin/viola is on shoulder
          • Keep a steady beat.
          • Try playing with the you tube video below.
          • https://youtu.be/FWelrdZJcBc

      • Frere Jacques #88 (Pg 24)  
        • Remember to Slur F# & G in one Down-Bow.
        • Below is a link of Frere Jacques as a Round. Once you are comfortable with the notes, try playing it with the recording.
        • https://youtu.be/gfRgMtFfvxQ

      • Can-Can #92 (Pg 25) 
          • Remember that quarter notes Image result for transparent background quarter note symbolare twice as long as eighth notes  Image result for transparent background quarter note symbol
          • Line A of Can-Can 

        • Baa-Baa Black Sheep #101 (Pg 27) 
          •  Practice reading the notes on Page 26 and 27 slowly. Write in the notes on #98 and use that as a reference. 


    • French Folk Song #106 (Pg 28) 
      •  Songs on Page 28 are in 3/4 Time signature. This means there are only 3 beats per measure. The French Folk Song is based on the D-Major scale and is a very beautiful piece. Listen to the recording while following the notes in your book.