• Classroom Rules and Expectations

    Be Safe

    *We use walking feet

    *We push in our chairs

    *We follow recess rules

    *We follow safety drill rules


    Be Responsible

    *We use school tools correctly

    *We take care of our belongings

    *We keep our desk neat and clean

    *We do our best work


    Be Respectful

    *We listen carefully when a teacher or classmate is talking

    *We use good manners

    *We use kind words 

    *We raise our hands to share

    *We use appropriate voice levels


    In order to reinforce appropriate classroom behavior, students will be using a clip chart. The spaces on the chart are color coded. At the end of every day, students will color the corresponding day on their behavior calendars which will be attached to their take home folders.

    PURPLE: Outstanding

    BLUE: Great Job/Good Day

    GREEN: Ready to Learn

    YELLOW: Think About it

    ORANGE: Teacher's Choice

    RED: Parent Contact

    Students also have the opportunity to work cooperatively to earn table points for exhibiting good behaviors and work habits. The table with the most points at the end of the week will earn a prize. We also follow the schoolwide PBIS initiative of earning Bluebird Tickets for positive behavior. The class with the most tickets at the end of the month earns a schoolwide reward!