• Course Description:

    Each art experience at the elementary level places heavy emphasis on the Elements and Principles of Art. Along with this, students will also study a wide range of artists. Throughout the year, students will also learn about various art movements and art styles.  

    Class expectations and procedures:

    Students are asked to come to class prepared to work and open to new ideas. In order to create an environment that is conducive to creativity and learning, students are expected to be respectful of their teachers, peers, and materials. Through participation in classroom activities, students will have a diverse and wide-ranging art experience.

    Grading Procedures

    The art grade represents a composite of the student’s achievement and performance in assignments and assessments. The grade may be derived from objective and subjective teacher evaluations and observations, including the student’s demonstrations of criteria-based skills and techniques in artwork.

     Teacher Contact Information:

    Email: kirsten.lyon@wcsdny.org