• Classroom Management

    PBIS is a positive approach to behavior management. We stress being safe, responsible and respectful. PBIS is used in our classroom as well as the entire school.

    We use a clip chart which lets the children monitor how they are doing in the areas of being responsible, respectful and safe.
    We also use a sticker chart in their take home folder. Each day the children can earn a sticker for good behavior if their clip is on green or higher. Once they have earned 5 stickers they may pick a big sticker.  When they fill up their chart they may pick from the prize box.
    As a class we try to earn pom poms to fill up our jar. Being safe, responsible and respectful can earn an individual or group a pom pom. Once the jar is full we earn a prize as a class.
    We can earn bluebird tickets from the school staff and the bus drivers.  We keep track of how many tickets we earn with a hundreds chart.  Once we have earned 100 tickets we can place a bluebird ticket on the poster in the lobby.  The class with the most bluebird tickets in the lobby for the month wins a prize.

    We reference a voice level chart with picture cues to work on our voice levels throughout the day.