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♫♪ Private String Teachers ♪♫

  • Why take private lessons?

                  If you are a student that has no problem setting tasks for yourself, and understand the material with ease, then progress without a private teacher over the summer will be made. However, more progress will be made when working with an experienced teacher. Private string lessons are a huge benefit for students and provide a wonderful opportunity to work one-on-one with a professional. They also are a fun, educating and inspirational experience that will benefit students long into adulthood. Private lessons require a student to be dedicated and committed to practicing at least 20-30 minutes, 5 + days a week. Private students tend to become great critical thinkers and problem solvers. They develop self-discipline and maturity in their musical tasks, and are able to carry this over to all aspects of education. Musicians who have ability to get up in front of others are often very talented in public-speaking, presenting papers, and interviewing for jobs. Also, my favorite reason is because music is fun and the opportunity to express oneself through music is invaluable.