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    2014 NYSSMA

    What is NYSSMA?

    NYSSMA is an acronym for the New York State School MusicAssociation. It is comprised of MusicTeachers from across New York State. “The purpose of NYSSMA shall be to advancethe course of music education and to promote appropriate projects andactivities.” This purpose is achievedthrough various festivals and conferences.

    What is a solo festival?

    Solo festivals are held yearly in each NYSSMA zone. We are in zone 10. Students are required to perform a preparedsolo, play scales by memory, and sight-read (play a short eight measure musicalexample they have never seen before). Solos are catalogued by level of difficulty from 1-6.

    Levels Scale requirement

    1-2 any 3 memorized scales

    3-4 any 7 memorized scales

    5-6 all 12 memorized scales

    Levels1-4 are scored on a 28 point scale and then are rated Outstanding, Excellent,Good and Fair.

    Levels 5-6 are scored on a 100 point scale and are ratedA,B,C.

    Who should participate in the NYSSMA festival?

    Students who are serious about their instrumental lessons, and who have made rapidprogress on their instruments, and who are willing to invest even more time preparing a solo are good candidates for such a festival.

    Why should I participate in the NYSSMA festival?

    This is an excellent opportunity to raise your playing to a higher level. Most students who perform at NYSSMA find it such a rewarding experience that they usually performagain in subsequent years. It is anopportunity to perform for a NYSSMA judge and receive comments about all the things that you are doing correctly, and perhaps a few comments about what you need to do to improve further. Additionally, as you proceed to Junior High School, admission to theall-county groups is based on your NYSSMA scores.

    Who are the NYSSMA judges?

    They are just regular music teachers who have completed the NYSSMA training to be acertified NYSSMA judge.

    Other Requirements:

    Participating students are required to play from an ORIGINAL copy of music. Additionally, students must provide a copy of their solo for the NYSSMA judge. Thatmeans you will be required to have TWOORIGINAL copies of your solo. If I have selected a solo for you from my personal collection of music and photo copied it to get you started, it will be your responsibility to locate and purchase two original copies of this solo. You should start this search soon because some music is difficult to get. Here are some resources to help you on your quest:

    Company Phone Website

    SharMusic Company 1-800-248-7427 www.sharmusic.com

    SouthwestStrings 1-800-528-3430 www.swstrings.com

    J.W.Pepper 1-800-345-6296 WWW.JWPEPPER.COM

    Please feel free to contact me with questions! The best way to contact me is through email.

    Phone: Kinry 463-7322

    Myers 298-5260

    Email: joviails.gricius@wappingersschools.org


    Miss Gricius



    Where: Ketcham High School

    When: April 25 and April 26 (Friday and Saturday)

    Level I-IV $14.00

    Level V-VI $21.00

    Level I-IV Piano $19.00

    Level V-VI Piano $26.00

    Registration Due (with fee) to Miss Gricius: Friday, February 7th. CASH ONLY

    (Detach This Portion Please)
    Return to Miss Gricius
    Friday, February 7th



    Student Name___________________________ School_______________________

    Instrument_____________________________ Grade in School________________

    NYSSMA LEVEL (circle one) 1 2 3 4 5 6

    There is one solo per time slot, are you doing more than onesolo?

    No________Yes______ (one form per solo)

    Preferred time slot*:

    ____Friday afternoon 4-6 P.M. ______Saturday morning 9-Noon

    ____Friday evening 7-9 P.M. ______Saturdayafternoon 1-4 P.M.

    *Every effort will be made to accommodate your time, however your time may or may not be the exact time you prefer.