• Sydnie Goldstein

    Welcome to the 2022-23 school year.  At Myers Corner Elementary School, we strive to support and inspire our students to achieve the highest levels of academic success. We accomplish this through creating a climate where our students are educated in a warm, caring environment where they have the opportunity to explore, create, investigate and develop to their highest potential, where they are provided with the foundation for present and future learning and where they can develop a joy for lifelong learning.  This can only be accomplished through a team effort of all members of our school community of staff and parents working together to provide a well rounded education..  Our team of educators promote family engagement, which is not limited to helping our students with homework, attending meetings at school and checking in with teachers.  As your principal, I welcome your input and participation to continue to make the programs at Myers engaging and meaningful for all students.

    I believe that these formative years are integral in the formation of a foundation for learning that will be built upon as the student progresses through their educational experiences at Myers. Their future depends on having positive experiences and overcoming challenges while in school.  My hope for all Myers students is that they will be strong, independent thinkers who take responsibility for their learning and growth academically, socially and emotionally.  With rigorous instruction and continuous professional development, our teachers will continue to provide students with challenging and supportive learning opportunities.


    Please feel free to contact me at 298-5260

    or by e-mail at sydnie.goldstein@wcsdny.org