In the first week of the school year EMERGENCY CARDS will be sent home. 

    take a few moments to fill them out completely.  Please make every effort
    to include local contacts.
    We realize that many parents now commute a significant distance
    to work. 
    If your child becomes ill or injured at school, it is essential that someone of
    your choice nearby
    is available to see that he/she receives any necessary medical attention.
    Also, if your phone numbers or emergency contacts change during the year, please notify 
    in writing as soon as possible.

    There is a line on the Emergency Card; "In case of an Emergency Dismissal
    (NO CALLS WILL BE MADE), I have instructed my child to:" Please take a few
    minutes to discuss your personal emergency plan with your child so they know what to do
    in this situation. Then write this plan in this space on your child's emergency card so we
    can guide them if they have forgotten.