•          Name: Mrs. Michelle Ross

    Title: School Psychologist 
    Email: michelle.ross@wcsdny.org

    Phone: (845) 227-1756 ext. 14008


    Welcome Message:
    Welcome to the homepage for Mrs. Ross, School Psychologist!
    A little bit about me: I feel very fortunate to write that I have been a School Psychologist for over 25 years.  I have been at Gayhead for most of my career and have had the privilege of working with many parents, students, and staff in that time.  This is a wonderful school and a great community!
    What is a School Psychologist?

    School Psychologists receive training in both psychology and education.  School Psychologists help students succeed academically, socially, and emotionally.  We use our training and skills in conjunction with parents, educators, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments for all. 

    School psychologists tailor their services to the particular needs of each child and each situation. We use many different approaches including consultation, assessment, intervention, prevention and education.


    School Psychologists Work With Students and Their Families to:
    • Identify and address learning and behavior problems that interfere with school success
    • Evaluate eligibility for special education services (within a multidisciplinary team)
    • Support students' social, emotional, and behavioral health
    • Make referrals and help coordinate community support services

    School Psychologists Work With Teachers to:

    • Identify and resolve academic barriers to learning
    • Design and implement student progress monitoring systems
    • Design and implement academic and behavioral interventions
    • Support effective individualized instruction
    • Create positive classroom environments

           School Psychologists Work With Administrators to:

    • Implement school-wide prevention programs that help maintain positive school climates conducive to learning
    • Promote school policies and practices that ensure the safety of all students by reducing school violence, bullying, and harassment
    • Respond to crises by providing leadership, direct services, and coordination with needed community services
    • Design, implement, and garner support for comprehensive school mental health programming
      We are here to help! 
    School Psychologist