Sight words are words that a reader instantly knows without
    sounding them out.  Here are the sight words we will be
    learning throughout the school year. Feel free to practice
    reading and writing these words with your child at home.
    Some ideas for practicing these words include making flashcards,
    finding these words in literature, highlighting them in the
    newspaper, or even playing simple games with these words such
    as bingo or memory. Enjoy and have fun!

    Sight Words:
    I   a   is   my   see   the   and   can   to   like   am   in   you   no    
    so   go   we   do   are   his   here   has   as   was   come   he   she   we    
    Color Words:
     red   green   yellow   orange   purple   pink   blue   black   brown 
    Number Words: 
    zero   one   two   three   four   five   six   seven   eight   nine   ten