• Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year.  It is very exciting to welcome all of the students and especially our new kindergarten classes.  There are 30 computers in both the Vassar Road lab, and Kinry Road School lab.  Both labs ar equiped with 30 Mac Airs. Every student has the opportunity to work on their own.  The programs we use help to teach, reinforce, learn new skills and access their knowledge.  We follow the New York State, and the Wappingers Central School District's technology learning standards. 
    Vassar Road School also has a cart of iPads and Chrome Books, that are pushed into the classrooms for projects and research. 
    There are Netbooks, Chromebooks, I-Books and iPads on carts to be used in the Kinry Road classrooms.
     We look forward to several other carts of equipment at both schools in the near future.